* General Cargo 

* Ores & Minerals




We specialise in carrying all types of general and liner-type cargoes, as well as breakbulk and bagged/packaged cargoes. We carry bulk grain to bulk fertilizers; bulk concentrates to bagged nitrates; bulk and bagged agri-products. In addition, we carry heavy-lift & project cargoes, rolling stocks, all sorts of forestry products (including looze and bundled logs, packaged timber, unitized wood-pulp, newsprint, tissue paper in rolls, etc.).We have carried in the past sponge-iron and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI).

Cargoes are fixed through a network of specialized cargo-brokers, forwarders, Agents and traders.

Part and/or completion cargo/es are requested,provided the particular ship has any space available.

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