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Bulk Ores, Minerals, Concentrates & Chemicals



Bulk Ores, Minerals, Concentrates & Chemicals

In addition to general and other break-bulk cargo carriage, we are also
closely involved in the transportation of various Ores, including Iron 
Ore, minerals, concentrates & chemicals. 

We have carried Copper Concentrates, Zinc Concentrates for leading
mining companies in Chile and for various major Japanese trading

HBI/DRI was carried over long voyage (Indonesia into Caribs.) and
for short inter-caribbean voyages for reputed steel mills. We were 
involved in transportation of 'Quick Lime'. We know the special precautions
required to carry these sensitive cargoes, in line with the IMO code.

Ammonium Nitrates, Soda Ash, Ammonium Sulphate, DAP, and fertilizers
were also carried within the Americas; and; between med-and-the 

Ferro-silicon, Silica Sand, Chrome Ore was carried
on our vessels from South-east Asia into The Caribs and into the US.
These shipments were for major industrial houses.

Presently we are involved in shipping of Bulk Iron Ore (both fines and 
lumps) from the West Coast of India, mainly to China. We have shipments in 
various sizes, frim 25,000 mt upto 60,000 mt. We try to customize the 
cargo size with the available vessels and as per the requirements of our 

In addition we can offer for sale - Iron ore fines and lumps from 60-68 grade.
We can offer basis FOB( India), or CIF ( any  destination).

We are working with experienced brokers in this area, as well as 
directly with the Mine Owners. We have a number of 'First Refusal Options". 
This allows us flexibility to choose the right cargo size and timely 
delivery to the buyers.

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